Contest Rules

Here are some frequently asked questions that cover contest rules, how to form a team, how the competition will be measured and how prizes will be awarded. Please read them carefully and contact us with any additional questions at

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the challenge start?
The Governor’s Weight Loss Challenge begins January 15, 2013. Registration begins Monday, December 17 and ends Monday, January 14.

Can I participate without a team?
No. All participants must be part of a team of five members.

Will my weight and name be kept private?
Yes. Only the total percentage of weight lost by each team will be shared. No individual names or weights will ever be shared. Individual team members will be able to enter their own weight, so no one else will have access to that information.

What prizes will be awarded?
Yes. The prizes are structured as follows:

Percentage of Total Starting Weight Lost
First Place Individual: $1000
First Place Team: $5,000
Second Place Team: 2,500

Drawing for Teams Ahead of the Governor’s Team Upon Completing the Challenge
1 Team: $10,000
4 Teams: $2,500
32 Teams: $500

How will weights be validated?
The State of Kansas will only award prizes to employees on the winning teams who can provide at the end of the competition the official "Initial Weigh-in Validation Form" and the “Final Weigh-In Validation Form” Instructions for the Final Weigh-In: Print the final form and take it to a medical professional for their signature validating your Final Weight no later than May 15, 2013, (the final day of the Challenge).  If your team wins, or is drawn for a prize you MUST turn in the "Initial Weigh-in Validation Form" and the “Final Weigh-In Validation Form” before you can receive any prizes. The State of Kansas will make several weigh-in locations available the final week of the competition. The schedule is as follows:

State employee  participants who do not wish to compete for the prizes do not need to validate their weight. Non-State organizations, companies, and local governments may validate weights as they see fit and are not eligible for State prizes.

Who can participate?
Any team of five people can compete, even if you do not belong to a larger organization. However, only State employees are eligible for prizes awarded by the Governor.

Who is considered a state employee?
All active, benefits-eligible employees of the State of Kansas are eligible to compete for prizes in the Governor’s Weight Loss Challenge.

Can State employees team up with non-State participants?
While State employees may recruit non-State members, a team must have at least three State employees in order to qualify as a State employee team. Even on mixed teams, only State employees are eligible for prizes awarded by the Governor.

If we’re a non-State group, how can my company/organization/local government get started?
First, contact and register your company/organization/local government. Second, promote the Weight Loss Challenge to your employees and they will be able to register their teams on the website. Registration begins December 17.

I have a team together, how do we sign up?
If you are a State employee, go to to register your team. You will need a team name, contact information for the team captain, and the names and emails of all the team members. Registration begins December 17th. If you have any problems, please email

If you are not a State employee and your organization is already registered, visit to register. Registration begins December 17.

If you are forming an independent team or your organization is not listed on the website, please email .

How is the weight loss counted?
Team captains and members must log into the website to record their weight every two weeks (due on the dates specified below). The tracking tools on the website calculate the percentage of total weight lost from a team’s combined starting weight. This figure will be used to compare your team against the Governor’s team and will determine the winner of the Governor’s Weight Loss Challenge.

Does it matter if our team beats the Governor’s team?
For State employees, all teams that beat the Governor’s team will be entered for a cash prize, unless they are the 1st and 2nd place teams already winning prize money.
Non-State groups may create their own winning criteria and prize structure.

How can we promote this to our employees?
First, make sure they know about the Governor’s Weight Loss Challenge. Include an announcement in an email to all employees and announce it at staff meetings. Provide links to the website so they can get more information. Flyers for state and non-state groups can also be found here.

Second, find prizes to encourage participation. Inquire to see if your executive team will offer prizes; remind them that healthier employees are more productive and utilize fewer health care services. Also, see if a third party will donate prizes for the Weight Loss Challenge.

Third, get people excited. Continue to remind your coworkers about the upcoming challenge and talk to them about your own excitement. See for useful information about weight loss and its benefits; share these with your coworkers. Print off the flyers and put them on bulletin boards around the office.

How much time will we have to weigh in?
Weigh-ins must be completed by the dates listed above but may not be more than 7 days prior to the due date.

What if I miss a scheduled weigh-in?
Each member of a team is allowed to miss only two weigh-ins. If a participant misses three or more weigh-ins, they will be disqualified from the remainder of the competition. For the purposes of team standing, the most recently recorded weight of a disqualified team member will serve as their final weigh-in. Automatic reminders will be sent to participants if their weigh-in has not been recorded 24 hours before it is due.

What happens if I am disqualified?
If a team member is disqualified as a result of missing more than two weigh-ins, they will not be able to weigh in for the rest of the competition. This means that their most recent weigh-in will count toward their team’s final weight. Any disqualified team members will not be eligible for prizes in the event that their team wins. Participants disqualified from the Governor’s Weight Loss Challenge are also precluded from receiving the associated 10 points toward the State Employee Health Plan discount.